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Amadeity has created a dedicated Marketplace similar to Etsy or E bay but dedicated solely to all things Spiritual and Holistic.

UK Sellers Only

It is FREE to register for your own Store, there are no monthly fees. You can list as many items as you like for as long as you like for FREE. If you sell something then there will be a small 6% commission fee deducted from a confirmed sale.

There are no other fees the 6% commission 2% of which covers the payment processor fee so there are no hidden fees. The remaining 4% funds the services we offer through Amadeity not for profit Spiritual Organisation

As this is a dedicated Spiritual selling platform it will attract the very people who are looking for your Spiritual services or products which is a win win for you and for your customers.

To register click the Link below.


if you would like more info before you register then you can view the seller info on the website by clicking this link. Seller Info

You can also view our terms of service by clicking this link T O S

You can view our privacy policy by clicking this link Privacy Policy 


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