Who am I you ask?


Who am I you ask?

And the answer can only be delivered with finite words delivered through the limited constructs and edicts of the finite Mind, under the direction of a limited Consciousness that is constrained by a dualistic world that can only be experienced through the comparisons of opposites.

So you come to believe that you are this Consciousness, born into this life with this name to these parents, in this country, and you begin to form an identity a self image based upon the beliefs and attitudes of your parents.

The experiences that you have in this life slowly begin to mould and shape the character and the personality that you have come to identify as I.
The I in order to protect itself, builds a library of good and bad experiences, recording them all in order to create a blueprint of the external world, a map of life which it can follow and thus avoid difficult terrain, or difficult circumstances and possible painful experiences.

In this dualistic world, the I becomes tied to the idea of light and dark, Good and Evil, Love and Hate, it can only understand these concepts through experiencing both aspects., The I is also limited and restricted by the experience of time and space.

That which you have come to believe yourself to be is finite, the consciousness that you believe yourself to be is born in time and is therefore limited by time, the consciousness that you believe yourself to be dwells within the confines and constructs of the Mind, Emotions and the senses of the Physical Body.
Conscious awareness is stifled by the architecture of the beliefs and edicts formed by the mind for the mind.

The mind will struggle with the reality of your essence, for the, I of the mind is like an ice cube it has boundaries, it has limits, it is solid and unyielding, your true essence is like Water, fluid, formless, flowing, yielding.
Even though the Ice cube is born of water it bears no resemblance to water.

You as you perceive yourself to be are the ice cube your true nature however is the water.

In reality you are free of time, free of space, you have no beginning and no ending, you are not born and you do not die.

You are free of the ideas, the beliefs and the experiences that you have had for they have no bearing on the true nature of who you are.

You are an unending expanse of timeless space, boundless, omnipotent energy you are the presence, the awareness without which nothing can exist.

You are the power, the intelligence the creative awareness that is at the centre of all creation.

You are the Supreme Consciousness that is woven through the fabric of all creation.

You are without form, yet form cannot exist without you.

The life time you are living here and now, is like a wave rising up from the ocean, as it rises it comes into time and space, it takes form and travels along on top of the Ocean, it is both separate from and yet still very much a part of the Ocean, both the wave and the Ocean are water.

It travels through time until its energy is spent and it crashes on the shore and the wave dies. In its death it returns back into the Ocean.

Understand that the consciousness that is born into time and space and takes on form, that you recognise as I is not you.

Understand that the thoughts, the beliefs, the ideas, the concepts and the experiences that you have experienced in this life as I, are not you.

These are nothing more than events that you have witnessed, experiences you have had.

You are greater than all these things.

You are the one that gave birth to the, I consciousness.

You are the one behind the awareness that witnesses life events, it is your awareness, your attention that causes events to be recorded as concepts, beliefs, ideas and experiences.

Without your awareness none of these things could come into being.
I do not know what you will do with these words.

For you will find your own way.

I am merely offering you an opportunity to reflect for yourself upon yourself, in the hope that you may discover for yourself the truth of you are.

© Copyright Amadeity