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Spiritual Counselling is different to standard counselling in the sense that Spiritual counselling focuses on intuitive guidance with spiritual principle’s, it also encourages spiritual insights and spiritual development.

Standard counselling is more goal orientated as an example it may take an issue such as anger and look at methods or techniques to control it, some may delve deeper and look for the root cause of this anger and it may touch a little on spirituality but that is not it’s goal, the goal is to simply overcome the issue, in this case Anger.

Spiritual counselling will look at both spiritual and mental aspects of life, it may, like standard counselling offer reasons for the current situation, but it does not stop there. The purpose of Spiritual counselling is to help you develop a Spiritually Healthy self, this will include a Healthy emotional self, a Healthy Mental self, and a Healthy physical self.

The reasoning behind this is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we cannot be healthy in the truest sense of the word (which means whole) if we ignore the foundation of our true authentic self.

We believe that to live authentically is the end goal and this authenticity brings wholeness and ultimately health to all aspects of our being.

We are a Not for Profit Organisation

Cost is £15 a session


Freedom from Stress and Anxiety

Freedom from Stress and Anxiety may at this point seem beyond your reach. However Spiritual Insight, Spiritual principals can do much to eliminate the negative impact that stress and anxiety has on us as individuals. Of course we are not suggesting that you will never have to face a stressful situation again, what we are saying is that Spiritual counselling can bring personal insights (light bulb moments) that have the ability to empower you when faced with the trials and challenges of everyday life.

Letting go of the past and the future

We are all aware that we have had experiences in life that we wish we hadn’t had, we are also aware that sometimes these experiences color our thinking, our beliefs and our reactions to life’s challenges. Often painfully we repeat patterns that are self-destructive due to these influences from the past. Spiritual counselors hep you to identify these repetitive patterns and more importantly empower you to overcome them. Most if not all of our stress and anxiety are tied up in the past or worrying about the future. Our aim is to help you to stop being a victim of the past, and to help you to not even be a survivor of the past but to become victorious over it and therefore free from it. This can only really be achieved with Spiritual Guidance from a solid spiritual perspective.  

Live in the Now

There is tremendous benefit to be gained from the practice of living in the Now, as you work more and more through the past and begin to let go of the worries for the future, the Now becomes the place that you spend most of your time, you can enjoy the moment so much more when you are fully in the now, free from the past and the future. Each moment can be fully experienced, often stuck in the past the now does not exist, often when focusing on future goals the now is totally missed, thus we miss many opportunities to enjoy life. Spiritual Guidance through Counseling can help you with this enormously.

Create a Positive outlook on life

The more we realise the devastating impact negative patterns and beliefs have on our inner peace and our life in general, the more we realise how important it is to have a positive outlook. There is a huge movement these days based around having a positive mental attitude, but it is not easy to stay positive in the face of the trials and challenges that life throws at us. We can try as hard as we like to maintain the positive outlook that is so necessary to maintain balance, but without a spiritual foundation to our life, without understanding of our true nature and without being in touch with our authentic self it is nigh on impossible. A spiritual foundation gained from spiritual counseling is invaluable in assisting you to naturally maintain a positive outlook.

Nurturing Peace

Peace is the absence of turmoil, so whatever is causing the turmoil needs to be addressed, understood or let go of, much of this will have been accomplished by letting go of the past and relinquishing worries for the future..  A spiritual counselor will assist you if it is deemed necessary (it is not always required) to identify the root cause. During this process you will be helped to understand it and let it go, thus overcoming the hold it has had over you. The more you are able to stay in the present moment the greater the peace you will find.

As you break free from the chains of the past and the worries of the future, so you become less Stressed and anxious, and as a result you are able to enjoy the Now more fully, and from this place you are nurturing inner peace.

This creates a wonderful space within you, a new found freedom to explore your authentic self, to get to know you yourself intimately in a way that just was not possible before you had spiritual counseling.

From this exploration of self you begin to find meaning in your life as a result of being in touch with your authentic self, from this space come’s new direction, a direction that is free from previous conditioning, or old belief patterns.

Life becomes enjoyable, exciting and wonderful, not because you have learned a new technique to control this or that, but because you are living life as your authentic self, where all things are possible

We are a Not for Profit Organisation

Cost is £15 per session

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