One Truth

Am Speaks

There is but one Truth, it comes in many forms.

All that is, is pure energy, divine pure essence is within every single thing on earth and within the universe and beyond.

Nothing can be separated from or lost to this divine essence, it is the very fabric from which all things are cut, it is woven through every aspect of creation like a tapestry.

It is because divine essence manifests in many forms that there are so many different interpretations for its presence, so many different names, so many different ideas, opinions and beliefs.

However the divine truth remains, nothing on this earth or in this universe, or beyond exists without divine essence.

Whenever there is a manifestation or an expression of life, there can be no separation from its source, it matters not what name you attach to it truth prevails.

The significance of the truth is the knowledge and understanding of its existence and therefore your purpose.

Life can only reach its full potential with conscious understanding and conscious acceptance of this divine principal.

Those who are "lost" have merely no understanding of who they are, or of their hidden potential. This does not make them any less powerful, magnificent or important, for whether they realise it or not, they are indeed a manifestation of divine essence.

Each of you have within you the creative power to do all that any master before or since has done.

Trust me when I say no one has walked the earth who has manifested the divine essence in the manner that it could be made manifest.

The expressions that have been witnessed throughout the annals of history are but a tiny drop in the vast expanse of divine essence.

Manifestation exhibited or demonstrated, are but an infinitesimal speck of what is achievable with full understanding of the divine essence which you are.

You see separation and division all around the World, but when you see and understand the concept of what you are, you realise there can be no separation or division from anything, for all are one divine essence expressed in different guises.

Even the lowest, tiniest micro-organism has order, intelligence and purpose, there are no accidents, no co-incidences all has divine purpose and divine essence.

You are not, neither can you ever be, separated from the divine essence, neither are you separated from it in any other form, you are not separate from the snake, the bear, the worm or the sparrow, all are indivisible from the whole, all are founded in divine essence, guided by divine intelligence.

There is but one truth, it matters not what name is given to it, all life in it's myriad of forms, is a manifestation of divine essence, guided by divine intelligence.

When you realise this you will find great comfort, great peace, and a  great sense of belonging.

You will live in harmony with and have great respect for all of creation.

© Copyright Amadeity