Often Spiritual Awakening happens naturally without effort and no Guidance is required, some will need gentle guidance in order to understand the process and adapt accordingly. Some deliberately undertake certain developmental exercises in order to hasten their Awakening.


A spiritual awakening is often described as an altered state of consciousness, a moment where we step outside of our normal range of experiences and instead experience a higher level of consciousness.

In our “normal” state of awareness, life is experienced in a very individual and unique way by each of us, this is due to the filters (conditioning) that our life experiences have created within us. These filters are usually very limiting, holding us within the limited confines of previous experiences, they create for each of us our own unique view of the world.

Every now and then something happens within us and these filters fail and we get a glimpse of something much greater than ourselves.
I call these moments, spiritual awakening episodes, they are not of themselves a full blown Spiritual Awakening but they are an indicator of what is to come. They give us, if we are open to see it, an insight into a greater reality an insight into the true nature of our essence.


These episodes usually (but not always) start gently and infrequently, they slowly begin to change us on a very subtle level. They are so subtle that we often do not even realize a change has occurred.

Perhaps we feel a deep sense of peace whenever we are near the sea, or in the country side, or perhaps we get a deep sense of joy from witnessing a sunset or sunrise. Or a piece of music may stir us emotionally for no apparent reason.

These are not our everyday “happy” feelings, these are deep and stirring moments where there are no words to describe or explain them.

Whether we realize they are happening or not, they begin to have an accumulative effect on us. We begin to become more emotional, touched by films, emotional over traumatic news stories, touched by heartwarming or heart breaking stories of ordinary people’s lives.

It is as if our hearts and minds are slowly beginning to open and we feel a greater compassion, a greater understanding of and a greater connection with others.

These episodes enable us to expand our awareness in preparation for the day we truly awaken and realize our true spiritual nature.


No matter whether a Spiritual Awakening occurs spontaneously for you as a natural part of your journey or whether you deliberately use techniques to hasten your personal development.

You may experience what is often referred to as “The Dark night of the Soul”, if you experience the dark night of the soul then it is of paramount importance that you seek Spiritual Guidance, this is because there are aspects of Awakening Spiritually that can cause some to spiral into a Spiritual Crisis.

A Spiritual Crisis can have many different levels, on the one hand it may be mild and easy to understand and work through, and on the other hand it can be a deep cataclysmic experience that shakes the very foundation of a person’s life.

In this instance it can cause a range of Physical, Mental or Emotional problems that will require a much deeper understanding and a great deal more help and Spiritual Guidance in order to overcome and rebuild a solid foundation.

We will look separately and in depth at the generally positive signs of a Spiritual Awakening, we will also look separately at the Spiritual Crisis or “Dark night of the Soul” so that no matter where you are in your spiritual development, you may have the knowledge and the tools to deal with it.


It is impossible to undergo a Spiritual Awakening and remain the same because our perceptions change our inner landscape changes and so the outer world is also perceived differently.

Our interaction with ourselves and our interaction with others changes, as a result old friends may drop away and new friends may appear, this is natural and should be unforced, it is also important that we do not resist these changes, doing so may cause Stress and upset that could have been avoided.

The more we are able to observe these changes, without trying to resist them the easier it becomes, the more natural it will feel, and we will experience a greater peace and contentment as a result.

Sometimes if the Ego is strong or there is strong conditioning or deep rooted subconscious fears that need to be overcome, we may begin to experience conflict within ourselves and a Spiritual battle may begin to rage within us, this may Cause panic Attacks or Agoraphobia.

Guidance at this time may help to unravel the tangled web of fears and insecurities that is holding us back from a deeper level of awakening.

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You are here right now reading these words, because you are tired of living this way, you want to know that there is hope, on some level you know that this is not how it is meant to be.

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You will come to understand that you are not these feelings, you are not these thoughts.

You will come to understand that your past experiences no matter how bad they may have been do not define you as a person now or ever, because you are not your past experiences.

You will come to know and understand from within the very fibre of your being, that you do not have to be a victim, neither do you have to allow them to control you.

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