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How to Register

Depending on your device go to App Store (I phone/ Apple) or Play Store on an Android device. Type in expert apps (see pic)

Note Pic shown is for an apple device, on the android the symbol will be three blue bars plus an X 

Click to download and install.

Important: Once installed Update your profile / Make your first post and Follow Kevin Taylor by clicking on one of his posts. 


Once INstalled


Once installed you should see a screen similar to Pic 2 

Click Manual Sign Up to register then fill out form with your registration details (see Pic 3) Click Register.

Alternatively: if you are logged into facebook you can register by clicking on the Facebook Icon.  Then go to Pic 4




Next Screen is Find the APP to do so

Write in the Name Amadeity as shown in PIC 4 

Click Done then Click Find App


Last Step Enter the Access Password  6024

See Pic

 Press the Click Here for access button

and you will be taken to the Amadeity Homescreen 


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