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Happiness is created by the illusion that we are in control. Unhappiness /Suffering is created by the illusion that we have no control. Awakening is realising that both are an illusion. Enlightenment is breaking free of the illusion.

In life you come to believe in many things, goblins and monsters under the bed, tooth faeries, Jack Frost, Father Christmas, God, Spirit, Life after death etc. The one thing you forget to believe in is your self. Learn to believe in yourself, to trust yourself, to LOVE Yourself. In doing so the real Miracle of Life will become known to you....

Set your intention to fully express your soul’s essence right here right now. No longer doubt or procrastinate over your full potential, open yourself to unconditional love right here right now in this moment, embrace yourself and Love yourself unconditionally, it is in your unconditional love and acceptance of who you are that you will allow your soul essence to shine and your soul purpose to be fulfilled.

If you often feel let down or disappointed, then it is time to let go of expectation. For it is expectation that contains the seeds of disappointment. If you cannot let go of expectation, then maybe it is time to let go of those who cannot fulfil your expectation. If you cannot do either then you shouldresolve to live with disappointment.

Knowledge is not the key that unlocks the door, it merely points you in the right direction. If you have difficulty living or putting into practice what you know to be true, it is caused by a limiting belief. On some level within you there is a belief that creates the block to the free flowing power that you are. It may be so ingrained that you do not yet see it, so contemplate upon it, and ask , show me the belief that keeps me from being.

Spring Gives way to Summer, Summer gives way to Autumn, Autumn gives way to Winter, Winter gives way to Spring. The Tide Ebbs and Flows. Daytime gives way to Night time and Night time gives way to the Dawn. Life is in a constant state of Flux. Do not allow yourself to be affected by the ebb and flow of your life, for all things are transitory.

You are timeless, boundless, limitless. Break away from the limitation placed on you by others or by your own thoughts. BREAK FREE!

Pause for a moment and ask, are you happy feeling the way you feel right now. If yes then cultivate that feeling. If the answer is no then do something immediately to change the way you feel. Do something that will make you feel more joyous , happier more content. When you are aware of how you feel at any given moment in time then you become a master over yourself.

KNOW THIS! Yes like attracts like, so do polar opposites attract, and also in the world of frequency you have harmonic frequencies.

All that is, is meant to be, don't see things as good or bad, positive or negative, see every experience as an opportunity, for they are reflecting something back to you, giving you an opportunity to see, to experience to overcome.  It is only your inner belief that sees it as good or bad, without that belief driving your experiences, they cease to affect you.

Are you the thoughts you have, are you the emotions that flood over you, are you the physical feelings that you sense. Or are you the one who is aware of all these thoughts, feelings and sensations coming and going. 

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