Trance Medium Kevin Taylor


Through the Trance Mediumship of Kevin Taylor "Am Speaks."

Who or what is AM?

AM is the expression of Divine Essence that is all that has ever been and all that is yet to be revealed.

When one places aside the I the limited ego character, the personality through which we identify with each other and the material world, we are able to access all that we are or AM.

AM is not a Guide or individual, or being, rather AM is universal knowledge, wisdom or principles that we all have the potential to tap into at various levels of its expression.

This is not the Trance Mediumship of years gone by, where a guide or entity would enter into a medium and express itself through the mind and body of the Medium. Rather it is an altered state of awareness, where the Medium places aside his character and personality in order to expand consciousness and access the highest aspect of Divine essence and wisdom that his current level of awareness will allow.

Thus tapping into the universal consciousness of which we are an expression.

"When man knows himself he knows Peace and Joy."


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