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Your Shadow Self will tell you that you are weak, you are useless, you are selfish, you are stupid, you are angry, you are Ill, you are a sinner, it will keep you from the truth. The Authentic Self, will tell you that, you are Strong, you are Useful, you are Selfless, you are Wise, you are Peaceful, you are Healthy, you are Pure. You are Powerful, you are compassionate, You are Love. It will encourage you to let your light shine

the material is nothing but a shadow of the truth, it is nothing but a distraction that keeps you from your goal,
until you realize that this material world is nothing but a reflection of who you currently perceive yourselves to be. You will never reach your full potential

He who judges is lost in his own judgements.

I am who you Say I am that is how powerful your beliefs are.

You will FREE yourself from Suffering, when you learn to remain Neutral! What does this mean? Neutrality is the absence of Judgement in all things and of all people. Be aware of what is occurring without engaging with, or judging it.

Every block of stone has a statue inside it, it is the task of the sculptor to find it" said Michael Angelo ... but what if you are the block of stone and the sculptor, and the work of art is (you) to put it another way what if you are both the Potter and the clay. What is created from the clay (you ) by the Potter (you) becomes an expression of the true essence ( you ) make sure you are creating a statue that reflects the essence of who you truly are.

Spirit work is not about fame or money, it is about giving, as you open to spirit and allow the divine to work through you, the universe and all of its abundance flows through you and dreams of touching the hearts and souls of others become reality.

To Harmonise yourself with the Universe and allow good things to come to you. Speak Loving words, Think Loving Thoughts, Generate loving feelings in all of your actions.

 It is time to focus only on what your heart desires, only on what makes your heart and soul sing. Let the universe respond accordingly.

You know intuitively deep within the core of your being what lifts you up, and what tears you down. It is a natural spiritual source of knowledge within you, you ignore it at your peril.

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