7 Principals


7 Principals Explained

1. The Existence of a Supreme infinite intelligence.

a.       This supreme infinite intelligence has been identified by many individuals and has been given many different names, we shall call this supreme infinite intelligence God.

b.      This supreme intelligence can be witnessed in the natural laws that govern our universe.

c.       This supreme intelligence is manifest in all things.

2. The existence of a Supreme infinite Power which is of itself neutral.

a.       This supreme power is created by the supreme infinite intelligence, it has been called many names we shall call it Spirit.

b.      This supreme infinite power is manifest in all things.

c.       This supreme power cannot be destroyed.

d.      This supreme power can transmute or transform.

e.       This supreme power is neutral, meaning it has no will of its own and will go wherever it is directed.

f.       This supreme power can be used in every conceivable manner, to achieve every conceivable goal.

3. This Supreme infinite Intelligence and Power is manifest in all creation.

a.       All living things are a manifestation of this one power.

b.      All living things therefore are in essence one through the power manifest in them.

c.       As the supreme infinite intelligence and the supreme infinite power are manifest in all things, all things are therefore sacred and equal.

4. This Supreme Infinite Power can manifest for good or evil through the will of Man.

a.       The supreme Infinite intelligence in its wisdom gave man free will to use the supreme infinite power to make manifest on earth in accordance with the nature of his beliefs.

b.      Therefore this supreme infinite power is neutral until man through his free will makes it Good or Evil.

c.       As the power of good and the power of evil are from the same source they are potentially equal in measure.

d.      Man through the nature of his heart, his beliefs and the use of his freewill decides whether good or evil will have the greatest power and influence in the creation of his own life.

5. The Existence of Powerful non neutral archetypal beings that serve the will of man.

a.       Man attracts to him according to his will, non neutral archetypal beings, whose sole purpose is to make manifest in his life the beliefs that he holds within.

b.      Man may attract either benevolent or malevolent beings, according to his will and his beliefs.

c.       The extent to which these benevolent or malevolent beings affect a man’s life, are dependent on the strength of his beliefs and his will.

6. Personal Responsibility for our thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

a.       Man has free will to think, speak, feel and act as he wishes.

b.      Freedom of Will brings the burden of personal responsibility

c.       Personal responsibility brings accountability

7. There are natural Laws that govern mans freedom to use the Supreme Infinite Power to decide his own destiny.

a.       The Law of Attraction; A mans strongly held beliefs, prominent thoughts and deep emotions attract to him circumstances in equal measure that confirm his beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

b.      The Law of Cause and Effect; Every Cause will have an equal effect, every one of mans actions will have an equal reaction, Everything a man sows he will reap

c.       Through the combination of Freewill, Personal Responsibility, The Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect man creates his own life experiences.

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